McCarthy’s Storage World, Storage Made Simple.

McCarthy’s Storage World offers more than justspace , it provides smart solutions for storage needs. If you’ve never used self-storage before, you might be surprised at the many reasons people do. The most popular are:

Decluttering: Creating more living space by storing seldom-used items.

Life Transitions: Whether it’s moving, downsizing, separation or a new arrival, storage provides a flexible solution during periods of change.

Business Storage: Entrepreneurs and businesses store stock, documents and equipment to free up office space or separate home from business.

“We understand that the need for storage comes from personal experience”

Hobby/Collection Storage: Safekeeping collectibles, artwork or hobby materials to free up space at home.

Kris Taylor at family-run McCarthy’s, explains:

“We understand that the need for storage comes from personal experience, and that’s why we do everything we can to make the experience

stress-free. We have our innovative Noke Smart Entry system for added security and simplicity for both our business & personal customers.

We’re not about simply providing an empty room, but solutions tailored for the lives of local people.”

A story behind every door – tales of a storage centre by Kris Taylor

Mrs. Jennings was a regular at McCarthy’s Storage World. Her pet hate? Her husband’s collection of computers. “Thirty

years of old computers! He even bought some at an American auction in the ‘80s on our honeymoon,” she grumbled, longing

for more space for her craft supplies.

Then she mentioned a peculiar item: “Just bits of a computer nailed to a board and a tape recorder!” I recalled an article

about an old Apple computer, a collector’s jackpot. I quickly Googled it, showed her the image, and her eyes widened.

I dropped the bombshell: “That could be worth up to half a million dollars!” She went quiet and slightly pale, before

excusing herself. 

A few weeks later, there she was, beaming with champagne and a note. “Thanks for the informative chat. I’ll never nag about his

tech hoarding again!”

And just like that, a friendly chat in a storage reception turned into a life-altering discovery. It’s amazing how old computers

can bring new beginnings – and extra space for arts and crafts.

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