Hallam FC 6-1 Maltby Main

At Sandygate, we witnessed an intriguing encounter between Hallam FC and Maltby Main FC. With the NCEL Premier Season drawing to a close, Hallam had little at stake, while Maltby Main was already relegated to the 1st Division. Despite the lack of high stakes, this game exhibited the hallmarks of a friendly match.

The Hallam attack proved to be rampant, with goals coming from multiple sources. Iren Wilson, Sam Eckhart, and Branden Bradbury all found the back of the net. However, the standout performance came from Lewis Macaskill, who secured a Hat-Trick for Hallam. Maltby Main, despite their relegation status, managed to pull one back in the second half.Their spirited play throughout the game demonstrated their determination. As the season winds down, Hallam has only two games remaining. This match showcased both teams’ resilience and provided an entertaining spectacle for the fans


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